Maca - a superfood from the foothills of the Andes   In the twenty-first century, we are surrounded by products that aim to optimize our well-being, health and fertility. In search of superfoods, we even go to the Andes, the place where Mac comes from. Maca root is an adaptogen, i.e. a substance that has a positive effect on the nervous system and has a positive effect on the psychophysical aspect. It has a tonic effect on the nervous system, allows for its better and more efficient regeneration. It stimulates spermatogenesis, that is, increases the formation of new sperm, thus increasing male fertility. It expands blood vessels, thus ensuring a much more effective transport of nutrients, better nourishing the tissues in the body. Hence, it is a good idea to use maca in the post-training area, leading to faster regeneration and better muscle nourishment. It intensifies the action of SOD - i.e. superoxide dismutase, a factor that fights free radicals very well, thus improving the functioning of the immune system. It lowers the concentration of IL-6 - a factor whose increased level intensifies inflammation within the liver, increasing the risk of non-alcoholic fatty liver disease. Regulates women hormonal balance, stimulating the advantage of estrogen. Maca will be a particularly good choice for women and men whose main goal is to stimulate libido and regulate the work of the nervous system. It is also worth taking care of the presence of Maca on the supplement shelf for people looking for natural methods to support the balance of their hormones.     Composition and allergy information Ingredients: • powdered maca root - 500 mg (Lepidium peruvianum) Allergic Information: The product may contain soy, wheat and gluten Nutritional values Active ingredients in one tablet: • powdered maca root - 500 mg

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