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What is a BAR PAD?
The bar pad is an indispensable fitness accessory. It is soft and cylindrical. It is placed on the lever, in the area under the neck. The pad is made of soft foam and polyester.

What is the BAR PAD used for?
The bar pad helps to soften and prevent injuries during training. They create comfort and increase stability when performing exercises with a lever - squats behind the neck or in front of the chest.

Often the lever pads in gyms are dirty and quite worn out. Choosing to have your own pad, you:

- use a clean and strong pad
- you are sure it is soft enough
- you are not waiting for someone to use it

BAR PAD from Pure Nutrition is made of strong polyester material, foam and strong adhesive tape. It measures 42/8 cm and is suitable for any lever.

PN > Bar Pad

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