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Nutramino Pre-Workout Shot

Flavored support for maximum training results

For you, if you are looking for pre-workout support for maximum training results.

The active ingredients in Nutramino Pre-Workout Shot can:

Support muscle function and recovery
Support performance
Help you stay focused
The berry-flavoured shot that helps muscle function and recovery, improves concentration, and contributes to normal energy-yielding metabolism. Ideally used by training beginners and pros.

Product Details

Health Benefits at a Glance:

Nutramino Pre-workout shot is for you who need a little extra for your training, so you can get optimal out of your workout. The pre-workout shot is ready for drinking and contains specially chosen ingredients’ to provide you with the ultimately Pre-workout product. You will get the amino acids L-arginine AKG, beta-alanine, and a high content of caffeine. Additionally, the shot contains B6 and B12 vitamin which reduces tiredness and exhaustion and helps to maintain normal energy metabolism.

Why it Works:

Caffeine has for a long period been known for its effect on sports performance by improving muscle endurance, muscle strength, anaerobic power, and aerobic endurance 1 Vitamin b6 and b12 contribute to reduced tiredness and fatigue while beta-alanine and l-arginine support enhanced high‐intensity exercise performance 2 3.

The Science Behind the Product:

The mechanism behind caffeine is due to its ability to act as an adenosine receptor antagonist. Adenosine is a receptor when stimulated will cause tiredness 4. Therefore when caffeine blocks the adenosine receptors you will keep feeling alert and ready for performance.

Beta-alanine is one of the more popular sports supplements used by power athletes. The popularity of beta-alanine stems from being the rate-limiting precursor of carnosine 5. Increased carnosine has the ability to enhance intracellular muscle-buffering capacity thereby delaying fatigue during high intensity exercise. Further evidence also points towards enhanced cognitive performance and increased resiliency to stress from carnosines potential role as an antioxidant 6.

L-arginine can improve exercise effenciency and tolerance because it is a precursor for synthesis of nitric oxide. Nitric oxide is responsible for blood pressure regulating and improves vasodilation. Increased bloodflow improves muscle recovery because it initiates removal of metabolites lactate and ammonia that are related to muscle fatigue 7.

How to Use:

1 shot is equal to one serving size. Drink directly from bottle. Ideal for beginner and frequent trianers.

Supplement Facts

Typical values: Per 60 ml
Vitamin B6 1.0 mg (71%*)
Vitamin B12 1.0 µg (40%*)
L-arginine 2.0 g
Beta-alanine 2.0 g
Caffeine 200 mg
* Reference intake


Water, amino acids (arginine AKG, beta-alanine), acidity regulators: citric acid, malic acid; caffeine, preservatives: potassium sorbate, sodium benzoate; flavour, colour: carotenes (E160a), sweeteners: acesulfame K, sucralose, steviol glycosides; vitamins: pyridoxine hydrochloride, cyanocobalamin.


Drink one full (60ml) serving 30 minutes before your workout.


High caffeine content (200mg/serving). Not recommended for children, pregnant or breastfeeding women. NOTE: Food supplements are not to be used as a substitute for a varied and balanced diet. Do not exceed the recommended daily dose. Keep out of reach of children.

Nutramino > Pre Workout Shot 60ml Berry

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