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The new HSN Support has arrived!

HSN Support with a wide range of vitamins, minerals, amino acids and phytonutrients is the ideal supplement to give a new life to your hair, nails and skin.

Presentation: box with 60 capsules in blister

About the product

Give a new life to your hair, nails and skin.

HSN Support GoldNutrition® Clinical was designed to strengthen your hair, nails and skin. With a wide range of vitamines, minerals, amino acids and phytonutrients, this formula meets the nutrient deficiencies resulting from an unbalanced diet, stress and the daily aggressions we are subjected to. This supplement contains specific nutrients that increase its protective and anti-aging power by protecting the hair from sun damage, air pollution, hair dyes and aggressive treatments, by protecting the skin from aging caused by free radicals and makes the nails stronger.

HSN Support is the ideal product for:

Restore vitality and shine to your hair;
Strengthens nails;
Boosts skin elasticity and radiance.

How to take:

Take 2 capsules a day, with meals. It can be taken for consecutive periods of 12-16 weeks. With breaks of at least 4-5 weeks before resuming.


L-Arginine, coating agent (E464), L-Ascorbic acid, Polipodium leucotomus (root), Vitis vinífera (skin, 95% polyphenols, 5% resveratrol), L-cysteine, D-alpha tocopheryl acetate, zinc gluconate, Equisetum arvense (herb, 10% silicon), PABA (Para-aminobenzoic acid), coenzyme Q10, L-Methionine, bulking agent (microcrystalline cellulose), Tagetes erecta (flower, 20 % lutein), manganese gluconate, cyanocobalamin, hydrochloride thiamin, nicotinamide, riboflavin, anticaking agent (magnesium stearate), calcium D-pantothenate, copper gluconate, pyridoxine hydrochloride, retinyl acetate, sodium selenite, chromium picolinate, pteroylmonoglutamic acid, D-biotin, sodium molybdate .

• Not recommended during pregnancy and lactation.
• Riboflavin can change the color of urine to yellow-orange.
• Pay particular attention to people with low blood pressure or who are taking medication to control blood pressure.

• Unbalanced diet, prolonged sun exposure without sunscreen, tobacco, alcoholic beverages, stressful lifestyle.

Gold Nutrition > Hair Skin & Nails Support 60 Capsules

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