Astaxanthin 4 mg dietary supplement - soft capsules 60 pcs.

Astaxanthin has a reddish tinge. It occurs naturally in algae of the spirulina type. Valued for displaying features related to the skin and its appearance. Astaxanthin exhibits antioxidant properties, compounds that are said to have many health benefits including healthier skin, heart health and joint pain. The product may have an effect to improve blood flow and reduce oxidative stress in smokers and overweight people. Astaxanthin can influence the reduction of free radicals present in the body, affect the quality of the skin (hydration and firmness), reduce wrinkles and the appearance of acne on the skin. It is used to improve the immune system and heart health.

Daily dose for consumption: Recommended daily dose: 1 capsule Directions for use: Swallow 1 capsule once a day with plenty of water, preferably half an hour before a meal.

Ingredients in a single capsule:

sunflower oil powder

astaxanthin oil

astaxanthin (Haematococcus pluvialis microalgae)

Capsule shell:





Net weight of 1 capsule: 600 mg

Active ingredients in a single capsule: powdered spirulina algae (astaxanthin) 4 mg

Diet Food > Astaksantyna (Astaxanthin) - approx. 60 caps

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